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The ThermalGuard Products

With the Vanadium Oxide sensor, ThermalGuard can detect body temperature and mouth masks at lightning speed. In addition, the temperature scanner can relieve your employees by taking over monitoring work.

ThermalGuard is not only safe because it measures the health of visitors; we also guarantee that no data is stored. This way, our temperature scanner meets all AVG requirements and you can put it at the entrance with peace of mind.

The ThermalGuard temperature scanner works with the highest possible precision. Persons can be detected at a distance of 0.3 to 1.5 meters on body temperature and mouth cap. With a deviation of only 0.5 degree Celsius, ThermalGuard is very accurate.

Remote temperature scanner during Corona

ThermalGuard offers an all-in-one temperature scanner to remotely check your customers, guests and employees at the entrance for body temperature and wear a mouth mask to ensure health within your company. The temperature scanner is easy to place at the entrance of your company.

The Vanadium Oxide Sensor that is incorporated in the temperature gauge is able to measure the temperature of the person in front of it in a split-second. If the body temperature is too high - for example above 38 degrees Celsius - the ThermalGuard gives a signal. This signal can be a sound or, for example, a visual prompt that denies the person access. 

In addition, ThermalGuard gives you the option to set the mouth mask check. The terminal can quickly detect whether the person in front of the camera is wearing a face mask. If your company guidelines require a mouth mask, ThermalGuard can signal that access is denied to this person.

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